AZ Asia-Pacific enters partnership with watchTowr to enhance security posture for businesses across ASEAN

Singapore, August 7, 2023 — AZ Asia-Pacific today announced it has partnered with watchTowr to rapidly uplift the security posture of businesses in Asia Pacific by continuously testing for the same vulnerabilities used by ransomware gangs and other cyber threats.

Headquartered in Singapore, watchTowr’s technology – the watchTowr Platform – unifies Attack Surface Management (ASM) and Continuous Automated Red Teaming to keep ahead of attackers.

By combining comprehensive attack surface visibility, with continuous security testing built on years of experience helping banks, insurers and governments defend themselves from ransomware gangs and aggressive attackers, the watchTowr Platform helps organisations stay ahead of the attackers.

Like a real attacker – the watchTowr Platform sits fully externally to any organisation, constantly mimicking the aggression and persistence that is regularly seen from real-world attackers. No agents, no deployments, no appliances – the watchTowr Platform has made it incredibly easy for organisations of any size to rapidly uplift their security posture.

“In a world where there are new vulnerabilities, new attacker tactics and techniques on a daily basis – it’s vital that organisations can discover if they are affected by the latest vulnerabilities, before they are attacked. According to recent industry reports, the time between vulnerability announcement and in-the-wild exploitation can be as little as 6 hours.

The level of visibility provided by the watchTowr Platform enables organisations to prevent attacks – before they have a chance to become breaches.

With AZ Asia-Pacific as our focus distributor, we aim to drive local coverage and skills across the diverse ASEAN markets. We are committed to establishing a strong local presence to better serve our customers. Given AZ Asia-Pacific’s technical expertise and proven track records across various industries, we are confident that this partnership will cement our position as the leading Attack Surface Management and Continuous Automated Red Teaming platform in the region,” said Benjamin Harris, CEO & Founder of watchTowr.

“As a value-added technical distributor across ASEAN, we have seen immense evolutions and demands towards cyber security solutions. This include growing threat actors which are amongst businesses top concerns. AZ Asia-Pacific and watchTowr have decided that now is the right time to develop a well-rounded, proactive and automated approach in order to respond effectively to industry needs,” said Seth Ho, Managing Director from AZ Asia-Pacific.

About AZ Asia-Pacific

AZ Asia-Pacific is a full-fledged distributor that works with the best breed of industry system integrators and service providers across the APJ region to re-invent solutions and services delivery in order to meet and exceed enterprises’ technology challenges and requirements — Cloud, Network and Security. AZ Asia-Pacific is privately held, headquartered in Singapore, with offices and operations in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, mainland China, Hong Kong, Australia & South Asia.

About watchTowr   

Founded in 2021, watchTowr is a cybersecurity technology company headquartered in Singapore.

Backed by years of red teaming and adversarial simulation experience, the watchTowr Platform – the next generation of Attack Surface Management (ASM) and Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) technology – gives enterprises a real-time understanding of how they could be compromised and beat in-the-wild exploitation of emerging weaknesses.

watchTowr is your persistent adversary.


Media contact
Audrey McGagh
McGagh Communications for AZ Asia-Pacific